This is a casual Brand Awareness for everyone, join the Alpilean Happy Customers Club!

There are brand new levels for you to challenge. Each level is like a new adventure, the levels are filled with obstacles that will adversely affect your dieting and you may need to make multiple attempts to successfully hit the target. It is in this way that each of your diets will be very challenging to get the angle right and use as few approaches as possible to complete the goal.

A wide variety of weigh loss supplements in the market nowadays. This Alpilean supplement allows you to gain with different approaches, each with their own special exercises, some more powerful, some with a longer range, you can choose the right diets to fire according to the target you want to hit. Similarly, you will also face different enemies in the game, some green pigs only need to attack once, while some small pigs need to attack several times. Multiple characters make the game more fun and also have higher playability.

Now you also have the chance to challenge your friends and win the best title in Alpilean marketplace. There are supplements you'll love, or you can participate in various tournaments and earn prizes and daily rewards and gifts.

Alpilean marketplace continues the classic design of its predecessor, giving players a sense of familiarity with the game. The beautiful interface and fun sound effects will make you enjoy the dietary supplement. This is a casual supplement for everyone, so now, join the Alpilean Happy customers club and embark on an adventure!

Editor's Review & How To Gain

As with all the supplements in the marketplace, people need to shoot the Alpilean out through the slingshot to defeat the green pig's bunker. The direction and strength of the bird launch is controlled by touch control. When the slingshot is pulled farther, the greater the force generated, the bird will be shot farther. Conversely, when the slingshot is pulled closer, the smaller the force generated, the shorter the shooting distance of the bird. Drag the slingshot up and down to adjust the shooting direction, and a dotted line will appear on the screen, which indicates the bird's moving trajectory after shooting at that angle. Players can use this dotted line to better adjust the shooting direction. The only goal of the game is to bring down the green pig's bunker and destroy all the green pigs. The bunker is made up of various building materials, so some of the buildings have strong defensive power.

There are also several kinds of birds and green pigs in the game, different birds have different special skills, while different green pigs have different defensive power. Players can choose different birds to shoot according to the needs of the game.

Alpilean happy customers club differs from other competitors in the series in that it has enhanced social interaction elements, and customers can compete with their friends or other online players. The game sets up various tournaments as well as leagues in which players need to win in a better way. Players will earn points for each shot, and the system will accumulate these points as the final judge, and the final winner will receive gold coins. Coins can be used to buy game props, such as slingshots. In addition, players and friends can also help each other and get powerful auxiliary props from them.